Stock Levels
Unless marked as otherwise, all items should be in stock (unfortunately stock control is not automated, so very occasional the odd item does get missed).

Do you accept Credit Cards?
No. Unfortunately, due to the ever increasing costs involved, it is no longer fiancially viable to take credit cards.

How do I place an order?
As you browse through the shop, if there is an item you would like to order, just click the button labelled 'add to cart'. You will then be taken to the 'view cart' page, where you can check what you have ordered (this is where you can alter the quantity by typing a different number in the box, then clicking on the 'update cart' button), and then either return to the shop via the 'back' button, or proceed to the Checkout via the 'checkout' button.

When you do go to the Checkout, if it is your first visit you will be asked to fill in your name, address, email, and a password; on subsequent visits you will only be asked for your email address and password (you will also be given the chance to update your address etc).

From here you will be taken to a display of your order, which will now have the postage added, you can opt to pay by either cheque/Postal Order or via Paypal. In either case, once you have chosen the option you require, click the 'continue' button, you will then be asked to either 'cancel' or 'confirm' your order. When you confirm, if you have opted for Paypal you will be either taken through the routine of opening a Paypal account, or logging on to Paypal if you already have an account. If you opted to pay via Cheque, Postal Order, you will be given instructions on how to make your payment.

Please note, it is vital that you include the correct country when entering your address, or you will not be charged the correct postage rate.

What are your shipping charges?
All UK orders are charged 10%, the charge for European destinations is 20%, and all other destinations are charged at 25%. This charge will be automatically added to your order (please note that there is a minimum charge of 2).

Due to the recent restructuring and price rise by Royal Mail, the minimum postage cost for sending a single blister of figures within the UK via 1st Class has increased to 2.70, therefore, with immediate effect, UK figure orders to a value of less than 30 will have the figures decanted from blisters into ziplock bags, so that they may be sent as 'Large Letters' rather than 'Packets'.